1.3.12 - Making stop motion video

We joined in an animation (stop motion) video making workshop at Pusat Sains Negara. It was held at Innotech Room, Level 2. The children were taught how to make an animation movie. We were asked to bring along some stuff for the animation. My boys brought their toy cars. We used the programme Stop Motion Pro V.7 software that was installed in PSN's computer. 2 kids had to share a computer and work on a project together. A white box and a webcam was provided for each pair. The white box was for the children to put their items that they wanted filmed in, so that there is no unsuitable / distracting background.

Stop Motion Pro V.7 was very simple to use. During our first try, we didn't know where to place the webcam and it was left hanging on the top of the white box. Later, we found out that we could put it lying on the table so that the cars would be filmed from the side instead of the top. 
It didn't help that E kept moving the webcam, so, the pictures came out blur. 
We replayed our video. S kept laughing at the replay of the video. 

After we had completed our animation, we saved the video into a pen drive. 

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