25.2.12 - Colouring mandalas

I had some pictures of mandalas outlines left over from a workshop that I conducted several years ago. Mandalas are circles in Sanskrit and coloring it serves as a tool to calm and relax oneself and combines the benefits of meditation and of art therapy. Read more about Colouring Mandala as a meditation technique here.

I asked S if he was interested to colour it and he said yes. He spent a quite a long time sitting there and colouring the different shapes. He decided to paste it all onto a piece of paper and to give it to his daddy as a surprise when he returned from outstation.

There are some who say that colouring is not good for children, but I think if done in moderation, it is therapeutic and helps them to focus and calm themselves.

He pasted all onto a piece of paper. He says he liked the one at the bottom left as it looked like 'army colour'. 

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