17.2.12 - Petrosains

We went to Petrosains with a group of friends and their children. This is our third time at Petrosains. We had the opportunity to get 50% discounts off ticket prices, courtesy of a friend in the group. 

Before we sat on the gondola to enter the Petrosains area, we visited the Petronas Street Smart exhibition where children could learn about road safety.
I love the roads

After that, we sat in the gondola. S didn't like the dimly lit place that we had to pass through when we were inside the gondola. 
Their favourite activity.
Shadow play
They operated a digger
Made a tall tower from large lego bricks.
And excavated fossil
S had remembered that there was a place where you could make vehicles out of lego and insisted that we head straight there. I had forgotten that there was such a place and decided to take my time exploring the other areas. After much insistence by S, we went ahead to that lego area, and left their friends to catch up with us. We spent such a long time there while the boys came up with their own lego vehicle designs and finally, the rest of the group caught up with us.

S came up with this vehicle. 
He tested it out on the ramp.
It went far and reached the other end. 
Then he modified his car and it went even further. 

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