3.3.12 - Second visit to Kidzania Kuala Lumpur

We had received 4 more free tickets (2 adults and 2 children) by participating in the Kidzania promotion (uploading a picture of the boys taken at their booth). Thus, we were back in Kidzania the very next day, as we were only allowed to utilise the free tickets during 3rd or 4th March. 
Ticket prices
We went in the afternoon session, from 4 pm - 9 pm. The weekend crowd was much larger than the day before. In Kidzania, one wouldn't know whether it was day or night, as we couldn't see 'outside'. Althought it was evening / night time, it still felt like daytime, as the activities were going on all the time. 

This time, the boys' first stop was the Police station. The previous day, they had wanted to join in, but were kept being told to wait and come back at a later time.  

The had to manage the crowd at the hotel which was on fire 
Holding the baton

Then, the boys went to perform at the Kidzania Clock Tower at exactly 5 pm. 

Here's the video. I like the Kidzania song - very upbeat and catchy tune. 

After that, the boys went to become Poslaju delivery boys again. At Poslaju, the Zupervisor asked the eldest boy (around 8 years old) whether he wanted to work in a group of 4 (together with my 2 boys). The boy didn’t know what he meant, and so the Zupervisor decided to get the 4 boys to share a task. These boys didn't know one another and were not made to introduce themselves. 
The boys were given a task to push a trolley and collect a parcel from the Fire Department, but when they went there, the Fire Department had no parcel (lack of coordination here). 
Then they went back to Poslaju and were instructed to go to Air Asia (upstairs) to send a parcel. However, upon delivering the parcel, the boys realized that the Zupervisor forgot to give them the marker pen. So they dashed downstairs to Poslaju to get the marker pen. Hubby and I were trying our best to keep up with the fast-running boys. In the middle, we got caught in the parade of the Kidzania mascots, and lost sight of the boys, who managed weave their way through the parade to Poslaju.

Then, they rushed upstairs again to get the signature and dashed downstairs back to Poslaju. This time, I noticed that a boy (around 6 y.o.) was missing. I didn’t know where he was. The Zupervisor scanned the 3 boys out, paid them and didn’t even ask them about the fourth boy. I think he couldn't have remembered, as there were too many kids coming and going. I asked my boys what happened to that other boy, and was told that he was still upstairs. I was relieved when I saw the boy come walking back by himself.

It was unnerving when I also lost sight of my kids in the crowd and got stuck in the middle of the slow parade instead. Fortunately, I knew where they were headed. I feel that the Poslaju Zupervisor should just get 2 kids to partner on a task, instead of 4 so the kids are accountable to look after each other.

After that, E decided that he would become a magician and learn some magic tricks. S didn't want to join him, so E bravely went in alone. For 30 minutes, he was inside learning a magic trick, then after that, they performed on stage in the Theatre.  

Video of E performing a magic trick. He was the first one up on stage. 

S went to the bank and withdrew kidzos from the ATM machine. It  really works!

The kids wanted to learn how to make a sardine sandwich, never mind that they are vegetarians. They said that they would give the sandwich to daddy. They paid 10 kidzos each, for the class. They brought back a small bag with a plastic heart shape bread cutter

Then, they became a photo editor again. 

For all their hard work, they redeemed the kidzos that they earned for these items: 
Magic colours (170 kidzos), Police patrol set (250 kidzos), police car (50 kidzos) and fire truck (50 kidzos). We also had extra kidzos from Jakarta which we exchange into Malaysian Kidzos. 

I felt that only the magic colours were worth it, the toy cars were fragile and some parts broke after a few days. Anyway, it was a good thing that they are allowed to redeem their kidzos for toys and such.  

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