5.3.12 - Learning about insects - nature walk at FRIM

We joined in with some homeschoolers for our fortnightly nature lesson. This time it was learning about insects and its environment.We went to Sg. Kroh waterfall area at FRIM.
We looked for insects under dead tree bark, wood, rocks, etc. Finally, we managed to get hold of a large ant, studied it and released it. The other children found ants, wood lice, and even a leech (pacat). 

He drew a spider
He drew an ant
After that, the other children all played with sand and water at the waterfall area.
E however, decided not to join them. He sat down, took out his sketch book and started drawing. He sat down for a very long while, in full concentration just drawing, pages after pages of insects. .

He drew ants on the sand

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