20.2.12 - Field trip to Bufori Motor Car Company

We went for a field trip to Bufori Motor Car Company in Kepong. It was a raining when we headed there that morning and the roads were wet and slippery.

A few weeks in advance, the children were informed to bring their drawing materials or modelling clay. As we waited for everyone to arrive, some of the children started drawing.
S drew several cars

When everyone had arrived, the visitors were divided into 2 groups, as our group was quite large. We went in with the first group. Julie-Ann, the daughter of the founder of the company brought us through the tour. 

Inside the factory. Was told that this car was made in Australia. The present ones are made in Malaysia. 
Julie-Ann showing a Kevlar fabric that was used in making some parts of the car. This fabric is the material used to make bullet proof vests. 
Showing the mould for a remote controlled car which is also made from Kevlar material
She explained step-by-step how a Bufori car is made. It is all made by hand and the seats and fabric for the doors are all hand-stitched. Impressive! 
All are customisable - fabric, car seat colours, car body colours, etc. and they can even mix real gold, silver, pearl, etc, into the paints for the car's body.
The kids had an opportunity to sit in the cars. 

They sat in a normal sized Bufori
And a child-sized one (Although small, it's really hardy)

After that tour, we waited in the lobby. The children were asked to draw their own Bufori or create them out of plasticine. 

I learnt of a new job that I didn't know existed - automotive designer. I was asked if my 5 year-old plans to be an automotive designer when he grows up, since he likes to draw vehicles. Hmmm, it's something we can explore. 

The children received posters of Bufori cars.

Bufori Motor Car Company (M) Sdn Bhd
34B Jalan 5/32A, 6 1/2 mile, Off Jalan Kepong
52000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel: 03-62591000

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