21.2.12 - Nature classroom at FRIM

We went for a nature walk activity in FRIM, Kepong with a group of homeschoolers. FRIM is a lovely place and we enjoy the sights and sounds of nature there. It was the first activity for our fortnightly outdoor nature lesson - Bark rubbing and leaf rubbing. We used this book as a guide: http://www.discovertheforest.org/pdf/book-of-stuff.pdf .

The walkway to the waterfall has been resurfaced and nicely done with cement. It's easier to walk up now. However, the contractors didn't throw the wood (with nails) and just left them lying on the ground, on the way up the waterfall, and that is just a sight for sore eyes 
Reminiscent of the "Sekolah Pondok" days with Uncle S as their "teacher".  
Listening to instructions 

The kids did page 3 of the above book -  Bark rubbing and leaf rubbing. 
Uncle S showing the kids how to do bark rubbing
Doing leaf rubbing 
Leaf rubbing 
Showing their leaf rubbings
Doing bark rubbing

He found another texture and decided to do stone rubbing instead 
Showing the outcome of his stone rubbing
Labelling his work 
We found several winged seeds like these. 

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