16.12.10: Shoe painting

I came across this activity in Ms Saki Sasamori's book -- Shoeprint stamping onto paper to make a turtle's body.

The boys painted the bottom of E's old clog shoes, which was pre-washed and cleaned prior to the activity.

They stamped the shoeprint onto the paper.....

Before I knew it, they started painting the top of the shoe and the whole shoe. S said that he wanted to sell the shoes after painting it. 

Shoe painting is another creative activity - there are people who design shoes and there are actually shoe designing competitions. I've seen pictures in the papers of a shoe design competition in which participants designed and painted their designs onto canvas shoes.  I felt that I shouldn't stifle their creativity by stopping them in this activity, so I let them be. 

After that, they moved onto to painting their plastic toy jeep. They liked to paint their toy vehicles and do that occasionally.  

Well, I immediately soaked the shoes after that, to get rid of the paint, without their knowledge, of course. 

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