10.12.10: Building a craft Kampung House

We participated in an event organised by 1Utama and conducted by Get Crafty in conjunction with Christmas. I saw the event on the Get Crafty Facebook website and tried to register my boys. I called up Get Crafty and was informed that I needed to register with 1Utama as they were the organisers of the event. I called up 1Utama to ask when the deadline was and the customer service staff to who answered the call told me that I only needed to register before the event starts. She didn't tell me that advance registration was needed and that actually the registration was full already.

I left early on that day, at 12.45 pm thinking that there was ample time. However, I was stuck in traffic jam along Persiaran Surian on that Friday afternoon. (In future, I'll avoid Persiaran Surian) The traffic jam was horrendous. I felt so stressed just being stuck in the traffic jam.

When I reached 1U, I tried to find a parking at the new wing, but there weren't any. In the end, after going round a few times, I went to the old wing, and quickly parked my car. Then, we hurried from the old wing to the new wing, where the event was held. It looked as though no one was working that Friday afternoon. 1U was packed with people, as though it was a weekend.

When I enquired at the Customer Service counter at 1.45 pm, I was informed that the registration was closed already as it was full. I was told to come back at 2.00 pm to see if anyone hadn't turned up and we could join in. I was disappointed. If I had I known earlier that the registration was full, I wouldn't have even attempted to go to 1U, considering the distance I had to travel, the jam and the challenge to search for a parking space. I nearly changed my mind and wanted to turn back. So, I went to another floor to look at the cooker hoods on display. Then I heard over the PA system that they were calling out the names. We tried our luck and luckily, there were empty spaces as some people did not turn up, so we managed to join in. Initially scheduled to start at 2pm, it started at 2.20 pm and we went back at 4.30 pm. It was a good thing that we stayed back to join in, as the boys enjoyed the session and got to bring back a large cardboard house. It was worth the challenge that we went through to get there in the first place. 

The kampung house that we were going to make. It had a string attached to the roof so that it could be opened and closed.

There were 4 walls to paint, and we were given a wall step-by-step. There were 2 layers in each corrugated carton cardboard. First, paint the "thinner part" of the wall with water to make it wet.

Once the water had soaked the top layer, peel off the top layer, revealing the "grooves" below. I used the point of the pencil to clear away parts of the cardboard that didn't peel off properly. S said, "Mummy, this looks like we are ploughing". 

Peeling off the top layer
Then, put a layer of glue on the smooth side of the cardboard. Then, paste the pre-cut coloured paper onto  the cardboard. 
Putting glue

We glued leaves to the rooftop.

Each house is assembled by the teachers using large hot glue guns.

The completed craft
They were so proud of their house that they wanted to carry it themselves.

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