23.12.10: Glass painting and keychain-making workshop at Pusat Sains Negara

It was a rainy day and we were on our way to Pusat Sains Negara again for another workshop. Along the way, I heard that there was an accident at the Hartamas Ramp leading to Pusat Sains Negara. Thus, to avoid being caught in a traffic jam. I took another road and it was jam free. However, at a certain point, I mistakenly took a wrong turning. Good thing I had my GPS with me. I quickly turned on my GPS and it led me to the back entrance of Pusat Sains Negara which I never knew existed. Luckily the back entrance was open and I drove right through.

The facilitators poured special paints onto tiny containers. The children selected their own glasses which were pre-drawn with dinosaurs. They they started painting using the brush and paint provided. There was also a tiny sponge on a stick to paint or dab onto the background.

E was adamant to hold the glass and paint on his own. 
All done!
Showing off their handiwork.
The glass painting event ended quite quickly and the participants were left waiting for quite some time before the next event began. It was to make a keychain using a special plastic which would be put into the oven to be shrunk. 

First, the children traced a drawing of a dinosaur with a marker pen. E was fiercely independent and wanted to do it all by himself. They they coloured the picture with colour pencils. 

Colouring their dinosaurs
After that, the facilitators punched a hole in the plastic and the kids lined up to get it shrunk in the oven. It was amazing to see the drawing, the size of a palm shrink to a much smaller size. 

Queing up and putting into the oven

They received a certificate at the end of the workshop

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