11.12.10 At the optometrist

We went to the optometrist as hubby wanted to make a new pair of spectacles. The boys were very patient and occupied themselves with drawing on their sketchbooks. The staff there gave them a lollipop each, and we were proud that they manage to restrain themselves from eating it, and just held and played with the lollipop. We do not give sweets to our children, and when the boys receive them from other people, they pass the sweets to us. Too much sugar can cause hyperactivity and encourages them to have a sweet tooth.
Drawing while waiting for daddy

One of the staff lent them these glasses to wear just for fun. I do hope they don't have myopia like their parents, although I read that myopia can be hereditary. I hope they can have good eyesight for as long as they can.

Looking smart...That black patch on E's glasses is the brand logo. 

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