21.12.10: Making a helicopter craft

The boys attended a craft workshop at the National Science Centre conducted by Mr Nakano who has been sent from Japan to Malaysia. He is currently based in SEAMEO RECSAM in Penang. The crafts were very creative, and made from simple materials. First, they made a helicopter. The second craft they did was a wind powered straw car, which is described in my next posting here.


  1. A piece of "satay" stick
  2. small foam (we were given foam that was punched out from Japanese slippers, that were made of foam)
  3. A rectangle cardboard
  4. A piece of plastic

First, fold a rectangle cardboard into half lengthwise.
Then, staple a piece of plastic onto the cardboard. Notice that the plastic is slanted.

Cut to parts of the cardboard as per the picture.

Cut a small foam into half, in a V-shape.
Insert it through a "satay" stick. 

Trim the edges at the ends of the cardboard to make it round edges.

Twirl (rub) the stick in between your palms both ways and release it....and watch it fly.

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