16.12.10: Eco 3D puzzle craft workshop

I signed the boys up for 3 school holiday workshops organised by Pusat Sains Negara, KL in the month of December.

The first workshop we attended was an Eco 3D puzzle craft workshop by Ms Saki Sasamori, from Japan. She has been living in Malaysia for the past 10 years and is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia. She has written several crafts book in Bahasa Malaysia which is sold at bookstores in Malaysia.

Participants were taught to make a 3D puzzle from old juice cartons. The cartons have to be washed and cleaned first before being used.

First, fold the carton flat and cut out the top section, together with the bottle cover.

Divide the carton equally into 3 sections and cut it. 
Tear out the part that adjoins the carton and open it up
Fold it the other way round. Then stick the ends together.
Draw circles on the 6 sides
To play the puzzle, open up the box into the 3 sections below, and close back the box, ensuring that all the sides of the box have the circles. If it doesn't have all the circles, then the puzzle is done incorrectly. This is a fun game made from simple recyclable materials. Very ingenious!

Receiving their certificates of attendance
Group photo

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