14.7.11: Trip to Trolak

We went to Trolak Perak, tagging hubby, who had an office team building event there. I had never heard about Trolak before this and surprisingly, it was just an hour's drive from KL. We stayed at Felda Residence Trolak. It was just a basic room and it felt more like a hostel than a hotel. No wonder their website didn't list their room facilities.

We left at 12.55 pm and arrived at 2.05 pm. We were given Room 102. The room looked alright, but it had a strange smell, in fact, 2 strange smells inside the room. At the dressing table area, beside the TV, it smelt of a sweet smelling smell. When I sat on the bed, I could smell a musty smell coming from the bed. At first I thought that the smell came from the wall, but only after checking out of there on Day 3 that I realised that the musty smell came from the bed. The smell clung to my clothes, after sleeping on the bed for 2 nights.

I believe that the sweet small was sprayed into the room by housekeeping, in order to mask the musty smell. In addition, there was also many ants in the bathroom. It was awful just thinking of that room. I visited another friend's room, and it wasn't that bad. It was not musty as Room 102. We'll be staying here again next month, we will definitely request for another room.

The boys did some drawing

We went for a night walk and collected some 'treasures'
The next day, they pasted dinosaur stickers on a large chart

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