17.12.11 - Christmas craft workshop with Magic Nuudles

The boys attended another Christmas workshop in 1Utama - this one was conducted using Magic Nuudles. It is a type of biodegradable building blocks that looks like junk food and can stick together with just a little bit of water. It is said to be safe even if it is consumed. S called it "magic mee", thinking of "noodles". The kids were divided into 2 age groups, age 4 - 6 years old and 7 - 12 years old. My boys joined the younger group.
Ms. Penny conducted the session. 
Colourful. It can be cut into smaller pieces with a knife or scissors. Many passers-by kept stopping at our table, picked up a piece and pressed it to see what it was. 
The younger group were given a piece of paper to colour and to stick the magic nuudles onto the paper. The best decorated work would be awarded a prize. 
E chose a duck and coloured and decorated the picture the best he could.  
A group of older children made a turtle. 
E was called on stage to receive his prize for the most creative piece of work

This is his prize - a box of 100 pcs Magic Nuudles. Top and bottom right: The front and back of the box.  

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