9.12.11 - Visit to Pusat Sains Negara

We went to Pusat Sains Negara in the morning to return our library books. There was a Science Festival on that week. We were also surprised to find that PSN has been "transformed". The walkway was made more attractive with props here and there. There was even these 7 wonders of the world exhibits. I later found out that it was in conjunction with Astro Carnival (Kampus Astro) which would be held the next day (Saturday and Sunday). They would also be filming live. I was pleasantly surprised to find less crowd than I had expected in PSN. Sometimes, it can be really crowded, especially during the school holidays or nearing the end-of-year holidays.
I can't believe that these structures were made from polystyrene. 
Nice decorations done by Astro

The boys did some robot craft from cardboard at the Kids Discovery Place on the ground floor
We went to the science lab, where they offered activities for the public. I was disappointed to see that we had done everything that they are offered, in our normal monthly lab session. Anyway, the boys insisted on doing everything again, such as the making a hoopster and parachute, fingerprint fun and testing for starch. This was just a revision for them. There weren't many people in the lab, and later on a group of 6 primary school children came in.

Testing for starch with iodin. I was informed that this science experiment is only taught in Form 2.

There was a CSI game on the first floor
I want to learn how to make these for the boys to play.
There were 3 buses at the side of the building. One had computer games and puzzles, and another with some science exhibits, and a third was a mobile meteorological 'office'.    

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