9.12.11 - Playing at the park

We went to the park in the evening. S is still learning how to kick ball. Sometimes he can, sometimes he misses.
Learning to kick ball
"Pounding garlic"
Putting "a dash of pepper"

He thinks that the flower petals resemble a helicopter propeller, twirls and releases it and watches it fall down. 
They took turns to drive the 'racecar'. 
My maid caught a praying mantis. She thought it was like a grasshopper and tried to feed it leaves. Fortunately, I remembered from the Magic School Bus book and video that a praying mantis is carnivorous and eats insects. This is the first time I'm seeing a real-life praying mantis. Its behaviour was a little odd, as it didn't try to jump away at all. In fact, it looked rather cute, with its eyes and head, moving around and looking at me, reminding me of a little puppy. 
A dragonfly
A snowman? I don't know what seeds these are.

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