29.12.11 - Library books borrowed in November & December

I am putting up pictures of books borrowed just to keep a visual record of the books that we have read. The boys and I read so many books that I can't keep track of all the books that they have read. They have a good memory, though and can remember which books they have read whereas I couldn't.

On top of books that we buy, we are also members of several libraries in the Klang Valley and borrow many library books. The libraries are not near my house. I have to drive between 25 - 35 km each time to visit the libraries. I wish there was a library in each suburb, like in more advanced countries. However, I noticed that in Malaysia, there aren't many people in the library. Many times, when I visit the library, they are quite empty. I think more people prefer frequenting shopping malls compared to the libraries.

Below are the books that we borrowed in the month of November & December.

Borrowed from TTDI Community Library

Borrowed from PJ Community Library

Borrowed from PSN Library

Borrowed from Playcentre Library 

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