14.12.11 - Unshrinking plastic craft

I wanted to make a shrinkable plastic craft keychain. We had done one before at a workshop in Pusat Sains Negara last year. I was told by some friends to use plasti which had number 6 in the triangle. So, after looking through my recycled stuff, I found 2 pieces of plastic, and the boys drew vehicles on the plastic using a permanent OHP Pen.

However, after I put them into the oven, the plastic didn't shrink nor harden. The transparent plastic changed colour to white. Another transparent plastic sort of melted. As I was doing it, I was also concerned if it was safe to melt these in the oven, which we also use for baking, as I could smell some light chemical fumes.

It didn't work. I need to check again, which is the correct plastic. I saw a packet of shrinkable plastic in Daiso, selling for RM5. I think I should get that instead.

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