7.12.11 - Christmas craft workshop - Undersea theme park

We went for a Christmas craft workshop for 1 Utama. Attendance for this event had to be preregistered a few weeks earlier, and we were fortunate to be able to register for the workshop this year. They accepted 50 participants. The workshop was conducted by lecturers from Art and Design faculty, KBU.

Each participant were given a box with a hinge and its doors can open and close. and a bag with pre-printed cardboard pieces, UHU glue and glittering stuff inside for decoration. A lecturer told me that the  lecturers bought the wood and made these boxes and decorated it themselves. The children were taught to do an undersea theme park in the box.

Fortunately they allowed parents to come in and help. There was a lot of cutting and gluing for the whole 2 hours. Most of us couldn't complete the box after 2 hours.

Participants were taught to do an undersea theme park. 
The above 2 boxes were decorated by the KBU lecturers

As we didn't complete the box, we brought it back and to be continued. Here's what S did with his box. He turned the box into space, with glow in the dark planets, moons, and comets! His imagination knows no bounds. 

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