22.5.11: Family Day event @ Taman Botani Putrajaya

We went for a family day event by hubby's company which was held at  Taman Botani Putrajaya. We were there at 8.30 am and stayed on until 2 pm. There were many activities there for the children and adults to participate in.

Sand painting, balloon sculpting by clown. 
Games for children
Eating cotton candy. This is the first time they have ever seen or tasted a cotton candy. S refused to eat his and E gladly nibbled his. The cotton candy was waaaay too sweet and I confiscated the remaining from E. 
Tucking into their cupcakes. I don't fancy the coloured sugar icing and threw a lot of the icing away and let them eat the cake. They enjoyed themselves eating this. 
Colouring contest in the scorching sun for the 4 - 6 years age group. The stage wasn't shaded and I felt pity for the kids who were all perspiring under the sweltering heat. The organisers should have shown more discernment and change the venue. They later changed the venue for the other age groups. 
Examining the ants, stones, and seeds.

We lined up for around 20 minutes to collect our popcorn. We watched how popcorn was made. First maize, butter and sugar were put together into a popcorn maker pot and were mixed together. After a few minutes, the popcorn spilled out of the pot. However, the process was painfully slow and the person couldn't cope with the demand. There was a long queue waiting for the popcorn.  

Popcorn spilling out of the pot
More and more popcorns appeared.
A plant we found there. Why is this plant called "Mother-in Law's Tongue"?

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