28.5.11: Visit to Singapore

The boys wanted to get back from Sentosa to our relatives' place to play with the lego duplos that they spotted earlier in the day. Thus, although they were tired, they continued playing non-stop with the lego duplos for several hours until evening. I even managed to go out to a shopping mall nearby, without them, as they were more interested in playing the legos.

They still had energy to go swimming in the evening, at the home pool. 
"Look mummy, I'm Optimus Prime," he said.
Today was the day when E lost his fear of water. What a breakthrough!!  Took me several months to get him to this stage. I never thought we'd reach this stage this fast.
Left: S created a transformer robot. 
Right: E's robot. 
The robot transforms into a vehicle

The next evening, the boys played with the pool (billards) equipment that was in the house. S arranged the balls into the triangle, looked and identified its numbers, and pushed the balls into the hole. The balls were real heavy, and sometimes dropped out from the pocket at the bottom. 

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