4.6.11: MNS Open Day

We went for the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Open Day at Kiara Park, TTDI. There were various booths with various activities. I bought a voucher for RM10 and we could use it for the activities offered. We joined the Stream Ecology activity. The activity costs RM1 per person. Our family was handed a container and 2 small nets to catch the fishes in the water. 

Most of the urban kids joining in were rather squeamish about removing their footwear and walking barefooted on the ground and stream. Being a vegetarian and an animal lover, I don't encourage fish catching but just allowed this activity for the sake of the children's learning. 

My maid was most excited about catching fish. She caught the most fishes and a large shrimp. An MNS volunteer commented, "She puts all of us to shame" (referring to us urban folks finding it challenging to catch fish). They were later released back into the water. 

The MNS facilitator also taught us how to detect the temperature of the river water, by looking at the numbers on the black strip at the bottom of the container. 

To detect the turbidity of the water. Turbidity is cloudiness of the water caused by individual particles that are generally invisible to the naked eye. 
The turbidity is 40 JTU. 
Finding out the pH level of the water. Put some river water into test tube and tighten the cap. Then shake it. 
Then put in a paper test strip, watch the colour change on the paper and compare it to a chart. 
Learning about stream ecology and the creatures and plants that live in it.  We also saw a water strider. 
River weed
Looking a a bird in a nest. This was a powerful scope and we could see the bird clearly. 

With the remaining RM5 from the voucher, we did this clay magnet painting activity. S chose this heart shaped clay magnet and chose to paint it pink. How sweet!

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  1. Hi, we were there also. I like reading ur blog & being inspired by u & ur kids.. I guest someday sooner or later, we'll bounce into each other.Today, my girls is at FRIM for the MNS school holiday camp. I wonder if yr kids were there too.


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