29.5.11: Chemistry Carnival @ Singapore Science Centre

There was a Chemistry Carnival outdoors at the Singapore Science Centre. Several tables were set up, with different activities.

We did this Bubble Art, where we blew bubbles into a solution of liquid soap/ shampoo/ detergent that was mixed with colours.

The bubbles must be over (higher than) the rim of the container
Press a piece of paper onto the container. Try again with different colours. 

Below: Chromatography activity
Drawing a monster truck using a marker pen onto a piece of filter paper. Then, spray it with water / rubbing  alcohol. Then watch the colour spread out. 
There was some yellow seen around the orange, but it wasn't obvious. 

I forgot the name of the activity below. 
Drop a little colouring into the test tube.
Then drop a small quantity of water.
Then drop in some dry ice.  
It was fascinating to watch the bubbles


Blowing bubble with a star shaped bubble maker.
I learnt that this is called non-newtonian fluid, in which it  its flow properties differ from those of Newtonian fluids. It doesn't act like liquid or solid. This gooey slime is actually made from cornstarch mixed with water. 

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