29.5.2011: Waterplay @ Singapore Science Centre

After lunch, we went to the waterpark area. The directions weren't clear and it was a quite tough to find the entrance to the waterpark area and we had to ask a few people.

The place was interesting and the boys found the following waterplay equipment most fascinating. The jet of water could carry the ball up into to another part where it would move again..

Top right: The ball falls into the "tornado-like" water and comes out at the bottom.
Top: The balls can balance on each of these jets of water. 

Left and right: Put the ball into this hole and it will shoot off and fall into a large container of water.
The boys played there for 1.5 hours and found this the most enjoyable part of the SSC. The strategy is to get them to see the other exhibits first and when they are tired, then come to this water park area to refresh themselves. We were there at the SSC from 10 am until 4.45 pm. 

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