27.5.11: Overnight in Johor Bahru

We stayed in Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru for a night, before departing to Singapore the next day. The entrance to Thistle Hotel was obscure and we had to take a detour and a longer route to find the entrance, despite seeing the hotel looming in front of us.

The room was quite nice with a large bed that could accommodate all 4 of us. It was like 2 queen sized beds joined together.
Nice large bed
In the bathroom, there's a glass panel that enables you to see outside. However, it was peculiar that the bathroom door could not be locked. 
View from our hotel room

E wearing his new arm band
We went to the pool in the evening. Before this, I took a lot of effort to get him to be confident in the water by regularly bringing him to the swimming pool, although he usually stood in the kiddie pool only. This time, he was willing to wear the swim vest and enter the deeper water. He started off a little afraid and wanted to hold my hand. Later on, I taught him to release my hand for a few seconds on the count of 3, then to hold back my hand again. It was encouraging to see him do that albeit only several times and for a few seconds. I was happy that E started to show more signs of confidence in the pool.

We wanted to spend more time in the pool, but there was fogging of mosquitoes going on just outside the  hotel and it was smelly and not advisable to be there too long. So, we cut short our pool play. 
There was a rabbit pen at the hotel.

At 6.15 am the next morning, we went for breakfast that was provided by the hotel. Breakfast was mediocre. I had read on someone's blog that breakfast was good, and was looking forward to breakfast, however, it was disappointing. Even the bananas looked green and raw. 

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