24.4.11: Tiger Kingdom and Orchid & Butterfly Garden

After the elephant camp, we went to the Tiger Kingdom. There were several packages which visitors could buy, but we chose just to see the tigers (free of charge) and not play or take photos with them which were a different rate. 

I had read negative feedback by tourists about the tigers being sedated, but after seeing them with my own eyes, I am not sure if they are sedated or not. They are just like oversized cats, basking sleepily in the sun, until awoken by the trainer. All I could see were that they were well fed and well taken care of. 

Tiger jumping into the pool to catching a coconut husk
After that, we had lunch at the Orchid and Butterfly Garden, which is nearby the Tiger Kingdom. This place had a nice garden feel. The boys ate french fries, but it was rather hard and not crunchy.
Left: Trying to attract a butterfly to come over
Right: Moth cocoons
Walking in the garden. There were only a few butterflies in the butterfly section. 
Colourful orchids
After that, we headed to the Thai Buffalo Training Camp. 

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