16.9.11 - Singapore Science Centre

After Pulau Ubin, we made a visit to the Singapore Science Centre. This is our second time there and we went there mainly for the waterpark, which the boys liked immensely during their previous visit. Being a member of the Pusat Sains Negara, Malaysia, which was a participant of the ASTC passport program, we had free admission for 2 adults and 2 children into the Singapore Science Centre.

This time, we found that bars had been put up and kids weren't allowed to climb up onto the exhibit. It was a good thing, because I felt that it was quite dangerous for the kids to be up there. It lessened the fun, however, and the boys decided to play with the other exhibits instead.   

This is a large blower. Just press the button and stand in front of the blower to dry yourself. 
There was a Fire Tornado demonstration at 3 pm.

Pouring fuel

We can feel the heat outside the plexiglass

Some pictures of the Science Centre. We didn't spend a long time there.

There was a 1-day old chick
Skeleton of a frog
Skeleton of a bird

Will try this to get rid of cockroaches
Wriggling worms
Dancing iron dust

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