21.9.11 - Field trip to Pos Malaysia Mail Processing Centre

We had a field trip to Pos Malaysia Mail Processing Centre called Pusat Mel National (National Mail Centre) in Shah Alam. This place only handles bulk mails from corporations. Mails from individuals are handled at another location.

A model of the facility. It was a large place. 
Before we started the field trip proper, our group was pleasantly surprised to be treated to breakfast at their large canteen.

After breakfast, we were brought into the operations area which looked like a large warehouse building. We  were told that we couldn't see much activity as we went in the morning. The activity starts after 2 pm, and that's the time when the workers are very busy processing mails, etc.  

These are the automated stamping machines. They stamp very quickly on the envelopes, but the envelopes often get stuck and the machine had to be switched off, and the stuck envelope removed and place correctly. Then the machine is switched on again.  
The children were given the opportunity to stamp on the large sized envelopes. As these envelopes were large, they were not able to fit into the automatic stamping machines and thus had to be stamped by hand. 
It was a large area and this was only one section of it. 

Their mail processing machines could detect postcodes on the envelopes, even the handwritten ones and sort them out into the different postcode locations.

The letters that have been sorted according to their postcodes are put into these red boxes, which are then put onto moving rollers (akin to conveyor belts) and brought to another place
These red boxes, are then transported up this spiral section that are then transported on rollers high above.

Unstucking a red box that got stuck up there, after going through the spiral section
The boxes finally exit here and are later put into sacks to be distributed to the various locations. 
After we got home, S made these rollers and a box of letters from his lego toys.
A box filled with letters

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