17.9.11 - Evolution Tour @ Singapore Botanical Gardens

We joined in the Evolution Tour at Singapore Botanical Gardens, held in conjunction with Singapore's inaugural Parks Festival. Our tour was conducted by an elderly man. He had a lot of enthusiasm. I was impressed that Singapore engages its senior citizens to interact with the public as park guides. I wish we had some sort of volunteer system for senior citizens in Malaysia too. When I visited Adelaide two years ago, I was also impressed to see senior citizens working as tourist ambassadors at the airport, visitor centre, and even our bus coach was a senior citizen.  

Wow, the tree even has lightning protection system installed.
Fig seed
No dogs allowed

This tree didn't look or feel like a tree. It felt like stone. 
According to the sign, when trees are buried in mud, ash or other material, they sometimes become soaked in mineral-rich groundwater. Over time, the minerals, particularly silica can crystalise, slowly turning the wood to stone. Fossils such as these are used to study the history of life on Earth.

A replica of trees in the ancient days

The moss-covered stones on the top left resemble broccoli

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