17.9.11 - Lego Wheels

We headed to Bricksworld at Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road, to get a box of Lego Wheels which I had been eyeing for several months. I searched for it in Malaysia and Jakarta, but there weren't any. Only Singapore had these various Lego basic sets. I wonder why. 

We drove 3 rounds in the rain, trying to find the obscure entrance to Ngee Ann City. The car park was also full and we were lucky to have been able to find a parking space there. 

After getting the Lego Wheels, we went to the food court for lunch, but to our amazement, there were so many people in the food court and insufficient chairs and tables. We lingered around for around 20 minutes, but to no avail. I noticed that some people didn't even want to leave even after they had finished their meals, whilst others were standing beside them, waiting for a space to sit. We felt that finding a place to sit during lunch in a Singapore food court in a popular shopping centre was quite a stressful thing. Finally, we just bought some buns and ate in the car.  

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