17.9.11 - Jacob Ballas Children Garden

After the Evolution Tour, we walked on to find the Jacob Ballas Children Garden which we heard so much about. It is situated inside Singapore Botanical Gardens, which is a vast place. We walked and walked and walked. Fortunately the weather was very good. 

Finally we reached the entrance. Entrance to the garden was free. There was a nice wooden tree sculpture outside the entrance. It claimed to have 500 figurines on it. I tried counting, but lost count halfway.  

It was also a huge area inside the garden. A group of children were playing with water and sand under the scorching sun. 
Walking the maze

The boys were so light, the wooden hanging bridge didn't sway one bit
To our disappointment, the tree house playground was closed for renovations.
2 kids were playing inside this tree.

I've never heard of this tree before. 
Calabash tree

Can you spot the squirrel?
After the garden, we walked and walked, all the way back to the car park, which took around 20 minutes. It started to rain the moment we entered our car. We were lucky! 

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