17.9.11 - Sandcastles @ East Coast Park

At 4.30 pm, we went to East Coast Park in Singapore as we heard about the sandcastle making in conjunction with Parks Festival 2011. When we arrived there, there was a sandcastle making competition in progress and many people had already completed their sandcastles and we oooh and aaah at them. 

There is a secret to making these beautiful and professional-looking sandcastles. You need to have the sandcastle making kit. The organisers had so much sale at their booth, that all their kits were sold out before the event was over. They said that they were there every Saturday and Sunday and the kits would be available there. This is a superb way to promote their kits - organise a competition and let the public see these kits in action. These kits are also used as tools in team building - interesting! I don't see these kits in Malaysia though. I was tempted to get the kit, but then again, we live 2.5 hours away from the nearest beach, so it might end up lying in the store room. 

A friend brought her kit along and shared it with us. S acted like a architect and designed his own sandcastle. I helped him with the steps. He wanted the width of the steps a certain width, not too wide. He proceeded to decorate the sandcastle with shells.  

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