16.9.11 - Trip to Pulau Ubin

We drove into Singapore early in the morning. We drove to Changi Ferry Point Terminal and parked our car there. They we headed for the jetty to get to Pulau Ubin. The boats there are called 'bumboat'. I wonder why. Ferry charges costs SGD2.50 per person (1-way) and they will depart whenever there are 12 passengers. We arrived at Pulau Ubin 10 minutes later.

View from the bumboat. Top right: Pulau Ubin Jetty

The life jackets looked old and and still in their plastic wraps. 
We boarded a taxi-van that costs us SGD2 per way into Chek Jawa, which was a Mangrove swamp. It was a good thing we did as the terrain was undulating and it would have been challenging for the boys if we were to walk or cycle in. 
We saw these people painting outdoors as we passed by in our van. Certain places were narrow and fortunately they had a one-way system for roads there. Go in one way and go out another way. Finally the van dropped us in. The driver said that it was as far as he could go and we had to walk in. He said that he would be back in 2 hours and would collect the payment later. 
We walked along the road leading in (picture above) and were attacked by mosquitoes. We quickly slapped on the mosquite repellent and got on our way. We reached the visitors information area and was provided with a map and directions by the helpful guy there. Near the visitors information area, one wild boar appeared together with 3 young wild boars. This was the first time I saw a wild boar at close range. We were very close to the wild boars and the guy working there warned us not to feed them any food. 
We started on our mangrove boardwalk and passed by Tg Chek Jawa Muslim Cemetery. I was surprised to see the gravesite unfenced and the gravestones were just beside the path. 

We walked up this tower to the highest level. 

We climbed to the top of this tower
From the top of the tower, we could see planes passing by every now and then.  

These are holes made by the mud lobster. We didn't see any mud lobster that day, but I managed to see a mudskipper, which seemed to be walking on its fins, and promptly disappeared. 

It was a surreal feeling walking on the board with the water below us. It felt as though we were walking on water. We couldn't see any sea creatures as the tide was high -- so high that hubby thought that the sea water would rise and flood the boardwalk, if we were to stay on longer. Later, I check with the guy at the visitors info counter and he said that this was not the case. The water level would not exceed the boardwalk's height. 

The younger one is so tired

After that, we went to House No. 1, which was built in the 1930's. There was even a fireplace inside there.

Top left: The boys were so tired, they tried to sleep there, on my lap. It was a nice and windy place. Bottom middle: The fireplace

The boys played with these - that had fallen from the tree. There were so many there that they looked like large worms. 
Bottom right: On our way out, the taxi driver stopped at a scenic looking lake and asked us if we would like to take a picture

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