2.9.11: Making mid-autumn celebration lanterns

We tried our hands at making mid-autumn celebration lanterns. I used some thick wire that I had in the store room, and shaped them with pliers. I had never made a lantern before and this was my first attempt, based. It took around 2 hours. At that time, I didn't know that there was a special technique to make the lanterns.

I taped the sides of the wires together.

Putting glue onto the frame
Putting glue onto the glass paper
Painting scales

Completed. Phew!

I learnt later that in order to tighten the glass paper, wipe or spray water onto the glass paper. Let it dry and you can see the glass paper tighten. Then, paint the designs onto the lantern. 

I also learnt later on that professional lantern makers would hammer nails onto a board in the shape of the specific animal, etc. Then they would bend the wires around the nails. That's how they make multiple lanterns, all uniformed looking.

Lanterns at night

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