18.9.11 - Nex Mall Singapore

We went to visit the Nex Mall in Singapore. As usual, parking was a challenge. The shopping centre had an automated system to temporarily stop cars from going in if there car park is full and the car that wants to enter has to wait behind the boom gate until a car leaves its parking lot. Since the car park was full, we had to wait in our car, while waiting for the boom gate to open. There was another lane with a boom gate beside us, and we we noticed that we were kept waiting, whereas the boom gate at the lane next to us, kept opening and letting in several other cars. Finally, we figured that something must be wrong and pressed the intercom. A car park attendant came and let us in. Perhaps the boom gate didn't open because it doesn't recognise our Malaysian car number plate.

After our experience at the packed food court the day before, we decided to go for lunch earlier, at 11.30 am. Fortunately there were still places to sit at the food court. As I was ordering food, an elderly woman started banging the table with her fork and spoon and 'chased' away everyone who was sitting at her table. Everyone turned to look at her. The occupants at her table left for another table. She was left alone, but not for long. Along came  several others who sat at her table and she created a commotion and they promptly left her table. Fortunately, I was not at that table, and continued my meal, and enjoyed the delicious lontong meal from a stall selling Indonesian food. The Indonesian nasi lemak had green rice. However, I forgot to take a picture of it.
S made what he called 'a human'
There was a waterplay area at the rooftop
After lunch, we visited the Serangoon Public Library which was located at the rooftop of Nex Mall. It looked like a bookstore and was full of people. The children section was very impressive. The books were new and there were so many varieties of books and authors that I have never heard of. There were several parents reading to their their young children. There were also many people self-checking out books. 

Reading at the library

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