25.9.11 - National Horse Show

We went to the National Horse Show 2011 held at the Selangor Turf Club, Sungai Besi, near to The Mines. It was a very hazy morning when we left, and fortunately the haze cleared up when we arrived at the venue. We had to park our car at the parking lot 900m away and take a tram to the venue. We were lucky to arrive early that morning because the queue got even longer when we returned an hour plus later. 


We saw many horses in their stables. Each came complete with a signboard with their photo, name and place of origin.

E was brave and shook hands and took photographs with all the mascot horses that he came across.
Horse teeth
Why is it wearing a mask? To get it to relax / sleep?
The boys didn't want to go on the pony ride. They were afraid that the horse would jump. This was the result of them watching the equestrian competition 2 weeks earlier. They assumed that the horse would

Inside the air-conditioned exhibition area:
Waiting for their balloons. This female clown was friendly and acknowledged every child that stood there by shaking their hands. Those in this line should emulate her. 

Looking at a tapeworm through a microscope
Anatomy of equine's lower limbs
Horse's skull
In the tram, returning to the car park.

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