13.1.11: Stamp exhibition at Muzium Negara

After our visit to the national library, we headed to Muzium Negara to meet up with some friends and check out the stamp exhibition there. The last time I was in Muzium Negara was when I was 12 years old. There was a cat exhibition, and I remember having a photograph of myself standing in front of a cat replica at the entrance of the museum.

We were greeted with a display of vehicles. There were 3 locomotives near the car park, near the entrance of the museum. 

Then we met up with some homeschooling mothers. We bought special tickets for the stamp exhibition: RM3 for Malaysians (adult). 

First day covers on display
Beautiful paintings which were made into stamps

The postman's bicycle. I can't remember the last time I saw this bicycle. 
The children were more interested in playing with one another than looking at the stamps. They were playing hide and seek, making a lot of noise, that I was afraid we'd all get rebuked and asked to leave. 

Pos Malaysia was also selling beautiful stamps of the past, and some of the mothers bought the stamps. I didn't purchase any, as I don't collect stamps and hardly send letters in the mail. My boys were restless, so we checked out the surroundings.  

We went to take a closer look at the driver's cab. The boys can name the parts of the train such as driver's cab, smokestack, whistle, wheel, etc.
A totem pole

We headed towards the main museum, and climbed up the steps to the main museum. However, the sky was overcast and we cut our trip short and hurried back to the car and drove off. Returning later in the rain would mean getting stuck in the traffic jam.

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