31.12.10: Kem Perah, FRIM

We visited Kem Perah in FRIM to find out what type of facilities there are. When I opened the car down to get him down, S said that he could hear the insect sounds. He's now more observant about insects as we have been to a places in nature lately. 

When we went into the campsite, there was no one there and the office was closed. Friday, 31 Dec 2010 was unxpectedly declared a public holiday as Malaysia's  football team won the AFF Suzuki Cup. 

Tables and chairs
A moderate size hall for functions
In the distance, I saw some movement and I through that there was someone there. When I looked closer, I saw a very large monkey climbing on the frame of the hanging bridge. The hanging bridge led to a clearing where there were A-frame huts. S kept saying that he didn't like the place. He said that it was a scary place to him.

Hanging bridge
A-frame hut in a circle

A large 'sandpit'. No, it's actually a camping site. You can pitch tents here and camp overnight.
Interesting looking flower
'Beans' growing from a tree after we left the camp site

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