31.12.10: FRIM Waterfall

After visiting Kem Perah, we headed towards Sg. Kroh waterfall in FRIM, our second time there. It was 10.30 am when we reached there. This time we were more prepared. The boys brought their toys, excavator, dump truck, small bucket and spades to dig. I brought their swimming trunks, towel and a change of clothes. I changed the boys into their swimming trunks in the car. Then I went to the public toilet near the picnic area to change.

The public toilet is a nightmare. There's only 3 cubicles and 1 squatting toilet bowl was dirty, stuck and flooded, reminding me of a toilet in some third world country. A horrible sight. In the end, I rushed out, and decided to use a larger toilet by the side of entrance. There was no label there, and I think maybe it is for the disabled as it was larger. The doorknob was nearly coming off, but  luckily the door could latch. There was no hook to hang my bag, so I hung it on the doorknob. Maybe that's what others before me had done, as the doorknob was nearly dislocated. I made a mental note to remember to bring my own large hook, so that next time, I could hook my bag. Since they're collecting entrance fees for cars driving into FRIM, it's only proper that they provide visitors with a decent public toilet.

The boys ate their breakfast snack at the raised shelter nearby.
We walked up the steps. There are less people today, perhaps because the school holidays were nearly over and school would start in 3 days time. The water was extremely cold, but the boys had no problems with that. They immediately got out their toys and got to 'work'. A toddler in his birthday suit went towards them to play. Another family with a 2 year old girl also joined the boys and played with their toys. E looked at the little girl from the corner of his eyes, but then allowed her to play along.

We found a medium sized tadpole and I put it in a bucket for the boys to see. S has been reading a book about frogs and is curious to see how a real frog looks like. I'm still trying to find a real frog for him to see, but this was the opportunity for him to see a real live tadpole. There were less tadpoles today compared to the other time when we were there. S then immediately released back into the water where it swam away. 
Walking down
We left FRIM at 12.45 pm and the boys fell asleep in the car, tired out. This waterfall is quite a nice place to go to and we plan to visit it more often in the future.

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