24.12.10: Playing with cat

This is the first time S is stroking and playing with a cat. This is Grandpa's cat, Skinno. He seems quite natural and has no fear of cats. Previously, I did not let him touch cats because both boys were allergic to cat dander and every time if they stay for a couple of days at their grandparents house, they would start having eczema, rashes and cough. Once E's face was swollen and his body was all red all over. It took 3 weeks for it to subside.

Now, every time we go back for a visit, I bring along my Karcher Vacuum Cleaner that can clean dust mites. Although their grandparents washed and vacuum the carpet in the living room, my water-based vacuum cleaner would still vacuum up a lot of dirt and dust mites. We can see the dirt in the water, which turns brownish. Since then, the boys didn't have a problem with allergy to cat dander anymore.

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  1. what an amazing interpretation of inspiration!! so true! Greetings from India


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