8.1.11: The Secret Garden of 1Utama

After the storytelling event at MPH, we headed back to the 1Utama old wing where we parked our car. On the way, I chanced upon a signboard about The Secret Garden of 1Utama. The sign wasn't clear where it was, it only mentioned rooftop. By chance, I looked up and the clear see-through ceiling and saw something that looked like a garden. "It must be there", I thought, and searched for the lift to bring us there.

As we opened the lift door, we were greeted by hanging plants. We were asked to sign in our details and number of visitors, by a security guard who was dozing when we arrived. There were only a couple of people there.

It was quite a large area and some of the orchids were beautiful. I loved the sunflowers. I also caught a photo of a bee which was gathering nectar from white flowers. It was going from flower to flower.

Large black bee

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