24.12.10: Making Tang Yuan (Kuih Ee)

The boys helped Grandma make Tang Yuan (or called Kuih Ee, in hokkien). It is a Chinese dessert that is made from glutinous rice flour and served in sugar water. It is usually prepared to celebrate Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi in December, according to the Chinese culture. 

Scoop the glutinous floor onto the tray
Mix it with water and then knead the dough
Roll it into small balls

Once the balls are ready, pour them into a pot of water and boil it. Pandan (screwpine) leaves can be added into the water, to give it some fragrance. At first the balls will sink. When cooked, they will float up.You can even add food colouring to the dough to give it some colour. Some people put fillings into larger balls. We usually make the red and white, plain ones.   
Ready to be eaten

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