23.1.11: KLPac Open Day

We went to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Open Day at their premises in Sentul. There were many people there. The boys joined in a storytelling session on the first floor entitled "The Gruffalo" by Marina Tan.

Then we stood in a circle and did some action songs. 

After that, we wandered around the place. We then came to a hall where there were people trying their hands to play traditional instruments.

We were taught how to play the gambang, a traditional musical instrument which looked like a xylophone. It had 2 sticks and you had to hit both the keys at the same time. There were numbers written on the gambang and everyone there were required to follow the numbers to play a tune. 

This guy in orange was conducting the session and all of us tried to play the instruments and make some music together. 

After that, S wanted to take some pictures. I passed him my old digital camera for him to snap pictures. 

After that, we went out to the lobby. There were performances on the stage there with some buskers and later a Balinese dance. 
We took a picture with a busker
Balinese dance

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