2.1.11: Lembah Kiara Recreational Park, TTDI

We were in Damansara Utama to get some organic milk powder for E. S kept asking to go to the forest, and since were were nearby, we decided to pay a visit to the Lembah Kiara Recreational Park in TTDI. It was just 1.5 km away and our GPS directed us to the area. This is our second time here, the first being in 2007. The entrance of the park is just opposite the school. There were many cars parked both sides of the road, outside the park, nearby to the school. We wanted to park on the road outside, but there weren't any place and was happy to find that there is a car park in the compound of the park itself. It was a large park and many families with young children were there that Sunday, which was the last day of the school holidays.

We saw these monkeys in the distance

Many tortoises in the pond. The water looks dirty. 

We climbed up the stairs and took the path that was next to the forest. I was surprised to find it quite cooling, compared to FRIM which was more humid. The boys collected leaves which had fallen down to the ground, to do art and craft. Then we came to a large suspension bridge and crossed it to get to the other side. After some time, we came to a fork in the path. There were no signs indicating where the paths led to, so we took the one that headed downwards, as we could see the playground and other people down there.  

We came to a drain and I showed the boys a spiderweb. S asked why the spider made the spiderweb at the drain cover. 

We also saw a blue dragonfly. I've never seen a blue one before. It lingered on as though it wanted me to take its picture. 

 Blue dragonfly

Public toilet 
The public toilet looks nice on the outside and inside is relatively clean. However, 2 cubicles out of the 4 cubicles in the ladies couldn't be used. Both doorknobs were tied with wire to the latch to lock it.

After that, we came to a small stream. There was a large shady tree with raised roots. The boys played a little and tried balancing on the roots. 

We didn't bring any towel or change of clothing, so the boys didn't get to wade in the water. We saw tadpoles in the water and some red dragonflies.

Finally, we arrived at the playground and to boys went to play. S is now more confident to climb to the higher tunnel slide on his own and slid down it. We left at around noon, for lunch.

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