11.4.11: Visit to SPCA

The homeschoolers group had a field trip to SPCA in Ampang. We were early and were ushered into a resource room which was stuffy, dusty and was littered with lizard droppings. I was afraid that my boys, who were sensitive to dust would start to start sneezing or itching. Fortunately that didn't happen. As for me, my sensitive nose started itching in reaction to the dust. All the children were not bothered though, and just played with each other, oblivious to their surroundings.

The SPCA coordinators weren't prepared for our visit and the room and they took some time to get a laptop and set it up. Finally, after waiting patiently for 1.5 hours, the coordinators started her presentation on "How to take care of our pets". However only a few children had pets, so the coordinator was quite surprised why we attended.

After the 15 minutes presentation, a kitten and a puppy were brought in, for the children to touch and play with. The children were divided into 2 groups - 1 group for cat and another for dog. 
The poor puppy must have been terrified of these enthusiastic kids. 
The "cat" group. 

We were told that SPCA actually goes out to rescue animals which have been abused or abandoned. However, I must say, I don't really have a good impression about SPCA, because in 1998, when I called them up if they would accept a dying kitten, which was left outside the gate of my house, they said "No" and I was left in the lurch with the dying kitten that was thrown into my care by an anonymous neighbour. I would have taken care of the kitten, but I wasn't in the capacity to do so, as I was working full time then and there was no one at home. Finally, I called PAWS and they accepted the kitten and asked me to bring it in. I took some time off from work and drove the kitten there. The kitten was put together with a surrogate mother cat, for it to nurse. I doubt the kitten lived though. I was a little surprised when I was asked for a donation to place it there - as it wasn't even my kitten. Someone just left it at my house, knowing that I liked cats. I guess their request was valid as they do require some financial help to be able to help these poor animals.  

We left the place feeling quite dirty, and headed to Ikano for lunch. Luckily I brought a change of clothes for the boys and myself and we changed into clean clothes before having our lunch. 

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