20.4.11: Visit to Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge & KLCC playground

We went for an outing to the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge.  The tickets for the  Skybridge sold like hot cakes. One person can only purchase 5 tickets and so, we needed 5 persons to purchase the tickets for the whole group. Fortunately, 5 persons offered to help get the tickets for everyone and they were there early in the morning at 7.30 am, even before the ticket counter opened. However, there was a queue and our tickets were only in the afternoon at 1.30 pm.

I parked at the car park near the mosque. It was just slightly cheaper than the KLCC indoor car park rate.
We spent some time at the KLCC playground. This is our first time at the playground and the Skybridge.

The Petronas Twin Tower in the background

KLCC pool
We were advised by another mum not to let our kids play in this pool as her paed told her that some kids had diahorrea from contact with the pool water. When the sun got hotter at around 10.30 am, we went inside the Suria KLCC shopping centre. We killed some time at the children toy section there, and then we had lunch at the KLCC foodcourt. 

The boys occupied themselves with drawing while waiting patiently for the session to start. 
Then finally, we got to go up the KLCC skybridge. 

We were given passes to get in. The children were given visitor stickers to stick onto their clothes. Children below 3 got in free. 
Just right for his height
We attended a short video presentation about the Petronas Twin Tower and Skybridge before we started. 

According to the Petronas Twin Tower brochure: 

"Standing at a height of 452 metres above ground, the Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest twin towers in the world.....The double decked skybridge functions to facilitate movement between the two towers and as an escape route in case of emergency. It also symbolises as a gateway to the future."
We (and our belongings) had to go through the scanner and metal detector, just like at the airport. Then we surrended our bags to be kept in the locker. 
The lift brought us up to the 41st floor. The lift went very fast. Impressive! There are a total of 88 floors in the Petronas Twin Towers.
View from the skybridge
Panoramic view


We were only allowed to be there for 15 minutes and then ushered off into the lift and back down again. 

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