7.4.11: Genting Highlands Indoor Theme Park

We made a day trip to Genting Highlands. The last time we were there was 2 years ago when the boys were much younger. This time, we decided to take a cable car up. It would be too taxing to drive our car up to the peak with 7 people in it. We drove up to the Genting Skyway at Gohtong Jaya. A 2-way trip costs RM7 per adult. The cable car was around 3.4 km long, which I believe was one of the longest cable car skyway in South East Asia.  

According to the Resorts Word blogSpanning a distance of 3.38km, with the maximum speed of 21.6 km per hour/ 6 metres per second, the Genting Skyway has the capacity to carry 2,400 persons in an hour with 8 passengers per gondola.

The gondola doesn't stop. It just moves while we are boarding it, so we have to be fast. When we were seated, a man with a large camera came, asked us to smile and snapped the pictures of the people in each gondola, from the front and from the back. We wondered why he snapped our pictures. Hubby thought that it was some security measure. Little did we know how wrong we were. 

Sitting in the cable car was quite a scary experience for my mum and I was afraid that she would faint halfway. Thank goodness she held up well. Each time the gondola went over the pillar, it wobbled and rumbled noisily, causing us some concern in the beginning. It went over many pillar, but the rumbling was normal and I relaxed after awhile. My dad said that it was like sitting in a helicopter, where one has a bird's eye view.  The boys had no problem though. They were excited about it. No fear of heights there. Seems like the older we get, the more fears we take on.

It was misty at the top and at one point of time, we couldn't see anything around us. It was just grey fog. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, we saw the Genting Highlands logo and buildings and reached our destination. The ride up took about 20 minutes, longer than I had expected.

Upon alighting from the gondola, we found ourselves staring at a rack with our photos on it. The rack displayed photos of people in the front and the back of the gondola. The photos were about 5 x 7 inches. Now we know why that man took our pictures. They managed to process it fast and sold it for RM35 per piece. Many people bought their pictures, but we didn't. I do not like people taking our pictures without our consent and then selling it back to us. I feel that it's unethical. 

We managed to find our way to the Indoor Theme Park and decided to just visit the Indoor Theme Park, since we had visited the Outdoor Theme Park previously. Tickets were expensive and it wasn't worthwhile to buy tickets for everyone. So, it was the boys and I. I felt that the Indoor Theme Park was more exciting and more relevant for the children than it was for the adults. Tickets cost us: RM86 (RM30 for adults and RM28 per child (3 years old and above)). 

The boys had the time of their lives and especially loved sitting in the mini cars in the Ride de Paris, which they sat round and round for several times, as we had unlimited ride tickets. The kids were buckled up in their seat belts, but some seat belts in some of the cars were way too lose. 

Whizzing around
On this carousel, I stood beside the boys. E proudly told me that it was for children and told me to step down. 
The boys also sat in the Junior Bumper Car. The 2 persons - a man and a woman who were manning the junior bumper cars had such a lackadaisical attitude and was not customer oriented at all. They were sulky and didn't even look interested in their job. In the beginning, they did not teach the children how to use the bumper cars and the boys just sat in the car patiently. Finally, one of them told the boys to press the pedal and they started moving. The man and woman also ignored a group of parents and their children who were queing up outside, waiting for their turn. Finally, the man walked up to them, spoke to them and they turned back. When the 3 boys got stuck, after bumping into each other, the man just left them like that for several minutes. The woman had went off already. We were behind the glass panel, and couldn't call out to him.  Hubby said that we should write a complaint letter to the Genting Highlands management, but I didn't want to waste my time on it. However, I feel that people with this type of attitude shouldn't work with children and more so in a place which is supposed to be "fun".   

We also had a ride on this Venice Gondola. It was a slow ride. 

There seemed to be quite a number of rides that were up or hanging down. 
Dragon shaped Rio  Float
Rio float
Ferris Wheel
Reindeer Cruiser.

This Reindeer Cruiser also goes around on a rail above the park. E bravely sat on his own in the front, while S sat behind with me. We also sat on a monoral which went around the indoor and outdoor theme parks. It was very slow - took around 20 minutes and my family who were waiting for us were left hungry, waiting for our return. 
At last one that's on the ground - The mini train

We had lunch and left the place at 4 pm, with a ride back on the Genting Skyway to the Gohtong Jaya Station. 

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