26.3.11: Port Dickson Army Museum

After some rest, we visit the Port Dickson Army Museum. It was a huge place with many army vehicles, such as army tanks, helicopter, planes and indoor museum. Port Dickson is also called an army town and it was quite common to see a group of army tanks moving on the road together with all the cars - a very interesting sight indeed. 

Looking at a group of cadets marching fast
They had outdoor exhibits and indoor exhibits.
There was also a steam locomotive on display

Some of these tanks can travel in water. Astounding! I didn't know that. 

This elephant skull was actually a letter box

I love his huge tree.
The  CPM tunnel (an example of the Communist Party Malaya Tunnel)
The indoor museum is divided into several segments according to the history of Malaya. The Malacca Sultanate, the Portuguese and Dutch occupation, the British occupation, pre-independence, post independence, etc. It also showcased the Japanese occupation and the weapons. 

Muzium Tentera Darat (Army Museum)
Kem Si Rusa
71050 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan, MALAYSIA

2° 29'47.64N  101° 50'52.31E

Opening hours:
Wednesdays - Sundays
10:00 pagi - 5:00 petang
Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

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