5.4.11: Snowalk at I-City

We went to Snow Walk at I-City in Shah Alam, at 10.00 am. Tickets were on a promotional rate of RM15 per adult and RM10 per child, (valid during the promotional duration and between 10 am - 6 pm). Normal rates were RM25 per adult and RM20 per child. Jacket rental was included in the fee.

Only snow jackets were provided. There were jackets of various sizes for adults and even young children.  Fortunately we were prepared and we brought our own scarves and gloves and wore covered shoes with socks.

When we stepped in, it was like in another world altogether. It was like being in a giant freezer filled with ice (carvings). The freezing cold air was refreshing. At the time we went there, there were no falling snow. It was scheduled only at certain times. There were what looked like big airconditioners there, which enabled the temperature to remain below 5 degree celcius. There were workers there. Only one man was doing the ice carving  whereas the others were doing drilling and fixing up stuff. They all had to don snow suits. Being in such a freezing environment, isn't an easy place to work in. The workers went out intermittently to take a break in the 30 degree celcius heat outside.  

Carving a boat - no easy feat. He did it slowly and carefully 
The boys played in an ice house
Ice carvings of dinosaurs

Playing football

Sitting on a sled
S and I sat on a tobbogan. It went very fast downwards. Then the momentum pushed the tobbogan up a slope and then it stopped and reversed, finally stopped the tobbogan. However, the path was too close to the wall and I knocked my elbow against the wall when we stopped. It was painful for a day.

Sitting on an ice chair
I touched the ice tables and ice chairs but was surprised that it was not wet. It was actually dry. I guess it would only be wet if it was melting. We spent around 45 minutes there, then found it too cold for comfort. S started coughing and coughing, and I quickly brought the boys out. We were allowed to go in and out of the place, but nobody wanted to go back in once they had removed their jackets and gloves and basked in the warm air outside. We enjoyed ourselves there and would probably make another trip there in the future.   

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